The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Book Summary 20 Apr 2020

Book by Stephen Covey

This book is incredible, straight forward, and easy to understand. So shall we begin?

Improvements of Life

It's easy to work on the skills necessary for behavior you desire, but to make it last? Try to work on the character, fundamental habits

Paradigms to Guide

Person with negative paradigm will perceive getting lost of life obstacles. And the positive one, will see it as an unexpected adventure. So recognize and monitor your paradigm.

The more accurately our map of paradigms reflects of natural principles. The more realistic our view and the better chances to success.

First Habit

Be proactive and take control of your own fate

Don't allowed external circumstances to dictate our behavior and emotions. Being proactive means assume responsibility our own lives, choose the right behavior, find a solution, and focus on what you can control.


Second Habit

Begin with the end in mind

Simply imagine every possible action, before you decide it. Remember, anticipation works in all possible situations.

The more exact and realistic the mental picture of the action is, the better execution will be, and lead to better results also.

Third Habit

Put first thing first

Fourth Habit

Think WIN - WIN solution

Most situations in life don't need to be competitions, not good for mentality and long term relationship.

Put yourself in their shoes, think about what result would be win-win solution for both of you.

Always keep promises, be explicit about what you expect of the other person, be courteous and sensitive even in small matters, no drama, listen first, and talk when necessary.

Fifth Habit

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Mostly people don't listen with the intent to understand, but they listen to reply. Communication is all about body language (60%), the intonation (30%), and the word (10%).

I'm listening so that i can really understand (intellectually and emotionally) the person.

Sixth Habit

Synergy by treating others with openness and respect.

Here some stories : once, there was a team with bunch of capable people who had their own strong agenda. The leader scheduling several weeks for the group to get to know each others hopes, fears, and dreams. When disagreement arose, they figured a very respectful, creative, and productive culture.

Seventh Habit

Sharpen the saw if you want to keep sawing

Stay physically fit, spiritually healthy, mentally healthy, social and emotionally healthy.

Hopefully we'll become an highly effective person!


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